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great episode.but it would have been be also great if they actually showed us kensi and deeks babysit.also liked it how sam was trying to find a babysitter for his kids.
now that sam has mentioned kids again.from what i understand is that sam and michelle have one daughter together(mentioned in S4 e17) and that sam has other kid(s) from a previously relationship.but why does he only talks about his daughter and not about her older sibling(s)?? any idea ??



just because this season focuses more on sam you have to make negativ comments or what??
all the other seasons it was most about callen and he already had 3 big season finales ended with cliffhangers.and didnt bother you right ??

now give LL some credits and let the writers develope his character.

iam sure it has nothing to do with "who has more fans " thing.dumb !

and if you dont like LL and dont sam centric episodes then dont watch them !!


*was worried