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Bones Review: This Truth Hurts

I have enjoyed watching this show, rarely missing an episode, but I'm glad to see it go after this episode. 1) For a show supposedly about science and forensics, this episode was too stupid to believe and even surpasses CSI in the bad-science department. A couple of examples: a) Hodgins estimates the time of death by measuring the distance of a hook worm from the body? Ummm, why would anyone assume that a *hook* worm moves a straight line? It doesn't take Mr. Science to smell the stupid dripping from this drivel. b) They place the victim in the driver's seat of a car crash by seat belt micro fractures on his front rib cage, but later show a picture of the supposed car crash in which the car was *rear ended*. There doesn't seem to be a writer on staff of this show who took high school physics (if even that?). 2) The annoying in-your-face placement ad for a car with the automatic parallel parking software was over the top. A show with >20 minutes of commercials needs this crap too? Maybe only someone who can't learn to parallel park is dumb enough to not be offended by this and the other idiocy in this episode. Sayonara, Bones.