Name's Kristina my last name was used in the fourth season of Grey's Anatomy episode and was said by Eric i'm a huge Mark & Lexie fan since the beginning & will be till the end my twitter is @SimplyMcsteamy_ Grey's Gabble forum moderator username on there is SmilinSloan :)
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Always on the Mark

Eric means everything to me this is a amazing picture(:

Dr. Jackie A.

His name's Jackson not Jackie (:


There must be something wrong with April if she said yes to going on a date with Stark i can't see them being together..Stark's like
the biggest asshole ever he's serious and needs to lighten up big
time he's like Erica who was also serious

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I dislike Alex & Lexie i'd rather see her with Mark i feel like Alex is meant to be with Izzie even though it would impossible for them to get together again seeing as Katherine's off the show but i feel like Alex & Lexie happened so quickly Lexie & Mark forever Little Grey...Mcsteamy(:

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Shonda answers questions about the Finale!

I thought the SWAT team could of did more then what they did...the one SWAT person didn't even go in after Richard when he went into the hospital but yet they said nobody in or out and the other person who shot the shooter got him in the shoulder even though Lexie was in the way he could of tried to do more damage then what he did Meredith and Cristina walking around the hospital while it's on lockdown thought that was funny obviously it wouldn't happen in real life though Richard should of been the one to confront the shooter from the start and not Derek the scene with Callie and Arizona Callie could of easily grabbed the gun but didn't it was strange seeing Derek lieing on the table seeing as he's never had to be operated on until then Charles dieing was painful to watch that's a horrible way to die Chandra's performance was so amazing iv'e had Mark's words telling Lexie to shut Alex up stuck in my head since the finale(: It was better then last years without no doubt!

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Which Season did you find was the best?? (Episodes)

My favorite seasons were the fifth & fourth(:

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