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Alli's Diary... (Spoilers)

Hey guys!So, there's something I noticed watching season's two last episode.I am actually surprised no-one posted this yet!Well. looking closely when Spencer turns the pages in Alli's diary it has an entry on October 30th:"Aria's dad is cheating on her mom!I love it!I mean, it sucks for Aria, but I 'm a sucker for drama.There's no way Aria is telling her mom though.Mr, Montgomery will talk her out of it, I just know it!She doesn't have the courage to stand up to him.That's why I picked her(?).I know Mr, Montgomery saw me there.Note to self:how can I use this?He owes me(...)but what can I get from him?He's cute...but old."It also mentions some Ben sleeping with sb,I didn't really get this.That's all I got.So, I'm thinking, the money Jason found...Alli was indeen blackmailing someone's father.Just not Spencer's but Aria's. ;)At least that is my theory.What is your opinion?
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