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Arrow Round Table: Who Shot Sara?

It was a great premiere. I'm looking forward to the season, as usual. Q1: Oliver and Felicity. Love them. I love that they can do the longing stuff but also the sexual, flirty thing too, as the premiere proved. No way is that relationship over. I do think Arrow has to deal with the wishy-washy 1/2 way stuff. Oliver needs to come to some serious realizations. But Oliver and Felicity are definitely the relationship I want to see Arrow move forwards with. It's refreshing to see a strong woman paired with a strong guy and have them on equal footing of friendship, trust, respect, and loyalty. Q2: Don't know really. I've never been one for smarmy or "pretty" boys so I can't be neutral. Q3: It was expected at some point. Sad though because she made, for me, a more interesting character and version of Canary. They'll be very hard stiletto heeled boots for anybody else to fill, let alone a character I'm completely apathetic about. Q4: I think we're going to get several red herrings on who the shooter was before the big reveal of who it REALLY was. I think we'll think we know for quite some time only to have a twist thrown in. Q5: I think they main thrust will be finding out the killer and why the murder happened. What was she doing back in town? That's going to be key. I think Oliver's going to keep pushing people away, trying to be all stoic and strong and never "need" anyone, which is just futile. Lots of angsty longing for Oliver and Felicity. Diggle being dragged back in and that causing friction with Lyla. And once Malcolm and Thea return, things should really get interesting.

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Marc Guggenheim Comic-Con Q&A

Wow the vertigo thing sounds really interesting. I'm excited to have a new Count in town. Season 3 sounds like it's going to really building character for the series regulars, which I'll enjoy immensely as they've needed that. And Oliver and Felicity! I love them together. I can't wait to see how this entire year deepens their relationship and brings them closer together. They're my fav couple on this show.

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Arrow Round Table: "Unthinkable"

Yep. This. And backstory is NOT character. It might help understand "why" a character is a certain way but it does not "build" character. Character is built in the present, in the present day story, their actions, their deeds, their words.... Felicity Smoak is an awesome character. We knows lots about who she is without understand "where she's from."

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