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Arrow Round Table: Fun with Felicity

Q1: I can't gripe too hard about Felicity Smoak finally getting some much needed attention from the show. Finally. Finally! Did that really have to take almost 2 seasons to do? I don't think so. I would have liked more fleshing out of her as a character but it did it's job. It showed where she was before and how she ended up now. I wouldn't mind seeing more exploration of that in future episodes but I have a strong feeling they're pretty much done there until Daddy shows up. Maybe then we'll get a bit more, but I think the writers are more focused on future story when it comes to Felicity. I really hope they plan on making her father someone of substance (please be a villain! please!) so it gives her some juicy conflict to work with. I know the writers have said they have plans for her but we need to start hearing about it and seeing it on the screen so we get a firm understanding that this character, too, has as much of a destiny as the others. I think this whole Cooper debate touches on a problem looming in Season 3, carrying over from Season 2. Arrow seems more interested/spends more time building story and evolving part time/visiting characters than it does devoting it to its regular cast. We could have easily learned way more than this about Felicity by now. Same with Diggle. Roy's got very little history focus, too. What about Quentin? That man can't get anything since the Doll Maker. Even Thea hasn't gotten any backstory stuff to compare contrast where she was before with where she is now. I'm not a big flashback/backstory fan because backstory isn't character, but if you're going to spend episodes developing and fleshing out new people who (please online gods) won't be around after this season, I'd like as much time, if not more, spent on the cast members who are supposed to be the focus on the show. Q2: Loved Donna Smoak. She wasn't quite what I expected from previous little bits. I expected some Mommy Dearest scenario where her mom was just.... wow. But taking Donna down this path leaves her viable for repeat appearances. I'll ship it already: Donna and Quentin. Quentin deserves a story about himself, not to mention a love interest, and if it gets me Quentin/Felicity scenes, I'm all over it. Q3: So far I'm just not interested. I don't find him to be of any real depth. He's there but not there. They're going to need something more here than OMG he's The Atom! to get me interested in this. One of these days I'm hoping Arrow uses those "viewer expectations" they're always talking about to really mess with us, like take a well-known comic hero and actually have him/her be the villain, or vice versa. Shock us all. Q4: I think Malcolm's spying on Thea because he's watching out for her in an odd way but also... this guy trusts nobody. Look at what went down between him and Tommy. But I think it's a combination of protecting her, concern she'll "turn" against him, and worry about what Oliver might learn from her. Q5: My money is on it being a stunt. I doubt Roy did it. It'll be some subconscious way of Roy realizing he killed the cop last season morphed into killing Sara to represent that or someone messing with his brain at night to make him think he's the killer so he'll take the fall. It's probably the most interesting thing Roy's done so far, but as mentioned in the round table: Hope they don't drag this out all season, it's getting a bit old already.

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Arrow Round Table: Who Shot Sara?

It was a great premiere. I'm looking forward to the season, as usual. Q1: Oliver and Felicity. Love them. I love that they can do the longing stuff but also the sexual, flirty thing too, as the premiere proved. No way is that relationship over. I do think Arrow has to deal with the wishy-washy 1/2 way stuff. Oliver needs to come to some serious realizations. But Oliver and Felicity are definitely the relationship I want to see Arrow move forwards with. It's refreshing to see a strong woman paired with a strong guy and have them on equal footing of friendship, trust, respect, and loyalty. Q2: Don't know really. I've never been one for smarmy or "pretty" boys so I can't be neutral. Q3: It was expected at some point. Sad though because she made, for me, a more interesting character and version of Canary. They'll be very hard stiletto heeled boots for anybody else to fill, let alone a character I'm completely apathetic about. Q4: I think we're going to get several red herrings on who the shooter was before the big reveal of who it REALLY was. I think we'll think we know for quite some time only to have a twist thrown in. Q5: I think they main thrust will be finding out the killer and why the murder happened. What was she doing back in town? That's going to be key. I think Oliver's going to keep pushing people away, trying to be all stoic and strong and never "need" anyone, which is just futile. Lots of angsty longing for Oliver and Felicity. Diggle being dragged back in and that causing friction with Lyla. And once Malcolm and Thea return, things should really get interesting.

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Marc Guggenheim Comic-Con Q&A

Wow the vertigo thing sounds really interesting. I'm excited to have a new Count in town. Season 3 sounds like it's going to really building character for the series regulars, which I'll enjoy immensely as they've needed that. And Oliver and Felicity! I love them together. I can't wait to see how this entire year deepens their relationship and brings them closer together. They're my fav couple on this show.

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