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Gossip Girl Caption Contest 96

Nate: STOP! In the name of love.
Jenny: You love me?
Nate: Pfht. Been there. Done that. I'm onto Damien now...

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 94

Chuck: It was a pleasure meeting you Whore.
Elizabeth: Um....It's Elizabeth...
Chuck: Whatever.

Stephanie Savage Previews "The Hurt Locket"

I'm 100% over the "Serena is a slut" agruement for why they shouldnt be together. If you think that then surely you'd be happy she is going into a relationship with someone who loves her and accepts her for exactly who she is and what she has done. It's a lame excuse. If you really thought that you wouldnt want Blair anywhere near Chuck. Thank you Mistress A. The double standards on here are freaking amazing. I love Chair and its sad we are going to get them so close, only for them to be torn apart. I have faith though. They will reunite is grand epic Chair style :) And I love Serenate! Can't wait to see them together, both happy and in love :)

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TVD quiz

1.The first character you fell in love with: Damon.

2.The character you never expected to love as much as you do now: Tyler.

3.The character everyone else loves that you don’t: Bonnie.

4.The character you love that everyone else hates: Jeremy

5.The character you used to love but don’t any longer: Anna

6.The character you would screw anytime: Damon.

7.A character that you could easily fall in love with: Damon.

8.A character that could be your best friend: Caroline or Stefan.

9.The character you want to be like: Elena.

10.A character you would compel: Katherine.

11.The character you'd slap: Jules

12.A two pairings that you love: Delena and Steferine.

13.A character that you want killed: Jules.

14.A character that you want him/her to kill who you want killed: Damon to kill Klaus.

15.A dead character (girl and boy) (and I mean dead dead, not undead) that you miss: Lexi

16.A pairing that you hate: Bamon.

17.Favorite character. Damon.

18.Your five male and five female favorite characters: Damon, Tyler, Stefan, Jeremy, Alaric.- Caroline, Katherine, Elena, Rose, Anna.

19.Your five male and five female least favorite characters: Uncle John, Mason, Logan, Jonas, Mayor Lockwood.

Jules, Bonnie, Carol Lockwood, Isobel, Amy(drunk girl).

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Hey guys! If you're interested in all things Serenate you should come join our fanpop group.  It's active and doesn't have as many trolls as GGI. Plus since its Serenate exclusive you don't get Derena/Nenny fans coming onto our threads and abusing you (this is not aimed at the many nice Derena/Nenny fans who come on here and are civil, you guys are fine :D )Anyway if you're interested, here is the link:

It's always fun to have new people come and join in the picks and discussion!



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I ship them because they capture my interest and I find them to be very well suited and interesting.


I have more explicit reasons, but I'm not listing them on here.  Last time I listed reasons why I liked Serena only to be viciously bashed and told I was wrong. And I fear if I state why I ship Serenate I'm only going to have some Derena fans dissect my answers and try to devalue them.


On a more positive note, I'm really hoping Serenate reconcile in season4.  And even if they don't get back together straight away, I at least want some friendship scenes.  They are awesome as friends and as a couple :)

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