Nate Hearts Serena

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Gossip Girl Caption Contest 96

Nate: STOP! In the name of love.
Jenny: You love me?
Nate: Pfht. Been there. Done that. I'm onto Damien now...

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 94

Chuck: It was a pleasure meeting you Whore.
Elizabeth: Um....It's Elizabeth...
Chuck: Whatever.

Stephanie Savage Previews "The Hurt Locket"

I'm 100% over the "Serena is a slut" agruement for why they shouldnt be together. If you think that then surely you'd be happy she is going into a relationship with someone who loves her and accepts her for exactly who she is and what she has done. It's a lame excuse. If you really thought that you wouldnt want Blair anywhere near Chuck. Thank you Mistress A. The double standards on here are freaking amazing. I love Chair and its sad we are going to get them so close, only for them to be torn apart. I have faith though. They will reunite is grand epic Chair style :) And I love Serenate! Can't wait to see them together, both happy and in love :)