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Grey's Anatomy Promo: "Heart-Shaped Box"

Omg I think by imbrace the future thing Meredith and Derek are probley trying for a baby cause they don't get Zola I RLLY HOPE THEY DONT GET ZOLA!!!!!!!!!!

Grey's Anatomy Review: Batter Up!

Omfg I'm soo mad like rlly when did mer and der make up ?!? I know they were like no Nero but webber said that mer was supposed to do wat she was born to do what does he mean by tht tht she should go to Nero or diabetes trial? Confused ! Anyway awesome episode this one didn't rlly tie together as others but hey love mer drunk abha I was just thinking tht wat Chris and mer were doing tht would be me on the field standing next to each other giggling haha :D

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7x01 info (Spoilers)

As much as i really really want to have mer and der have a baby rember how hard it was for bailey. and her husaband had to do all the work wat are they gonna put there baby in day- care i think that just maybe at the end of season 7 mer will be in laybor and they will have to get addison down an dwhen they get the baby they will be all like " derek omg this is hard work we are gonna have to get a nanny" then derek will be like " no no mer we work way to late" and it will go bad so or scince the show is ending in season 8 so i think thats when mer will quite be a surgen and be a stay at home mom and that will fiinsh off the showw that would be a bad end for the fans but come on peole it would be awesome to see them have a baby but really its not a good idea being a surgen and and a parent look what happen to mer she never got to be with her mom. we dont wanna see are precious McBaby or McTwinGirls lol or McTwinBoys live life like that and and one of them will get alsymers and yea but if they do have a baby "SHONDA BRING DOWN ADDISON!!!!!!! "

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