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@Jessie well said I enjoyed this episode a lot (it wasn't epic to me) At first I was confused with some songs (like runnin on sunshine????) but it's from callie's point of view so that makes a lot more sense. I am in love with Sara Ramirez's voice and the cast sang well for a musical. This is by no means glee or any other TV musical like ppl have been saying. If you were following for the SL and dialogue that may have been a reason ppl didn't like it or other things but I enjoyed it. The only thing that should have be done differently was space out the songs better or take out some of the songs but that's it. I appreciate music and the cast did a good job


I really don't care about calzona honestly but that's just me(but happy for the viewers who love them) but I'm really happy about the possibility of Mer/Der making their marriage legal even though it really doesn't mean anything to them because spiritually,emotionally they are already married and it's just a formality so they can adopt. I just hope Mer/Der can have a real baby someday.


This to me is awesome! I love the other characters to death too but I miss the three main ones being front and center. Here is what I think may happen Mer
-since the marriage is supposedly taking place during the calzona wedding episode they get approved to adopt a baby but then discovers that Mer is pregnant :D
-The HOUSE IS DONE and Mer/Der move in! (did anyone forget about the house?)
-Does not get to be chief resident and gets so mad at owen they temporarily separate I'm just not a fan of Crowen(Cris stays at Mer's)
-Is chosen to be chief resident
-Get the healthy happy relationship with Lucy he deserves (she could possibly be a recurring star whether Angels gets picked up or not) OR
-Talks to Izzie (offscreen) and finally gets some closure

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It's a Long Way Back (Episodes)

I have been ok with this calzona and Mark SL and DO NOT want this baby to die for Mark's sake. For ppl who don't like this SL relax becaue by the end of the season the focus will be on Mer/Christina/Alex and less on calzona which to me is what it should be for now. I love the focus on other characters some more than others but I miss the main 3 and to have that makes me happy.

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Alex+____________ (Relationships)

I have no idea but it better be someone who will love him,take care of him and NEVER leave him (I'm always gonna love him with Izzie but I don't think KH is coming back) I do like the idea of him and the new OB though........ let's see what happens

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Izzie/ Alex Closure

Actually SR had planned to kill Izzie off but couldn't go through with it. I don't know that we will ever see closure between A/I (although that's all I want CLOSURE even without KH)

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