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New Girl Review: Gun It

I have really mixed feelings on this episode; i laughed out loud a couple times (and all of them were schimdt related) but overall it was a confusing episode. Adding Coach could have worked for one episode but having him there every week is not a good idea. While we usually have 4 roomates and split them in two different stories ocasionally throwing in Cece and giving someone else less screen time now there are 5 roomates plus Cece wich means they can have 3 stories per episode which makes it kind of hard to follow. I really don't want this show to go back to funny lines with something that resembles a plot going on the background. They need to decide want they want to do, they need a goal for this season and i doubt they have one figured out.
Let's see what they do next week

Grey's Anatomy Cast: New Season 9 Photos!

I though April hadn't passed the boards

Bones Season 8 Premiere: First Promo!

I hope she changes her hair back for the second episode