Let's see... I'm a portuguese 13 year old girl born in '98.  i 've got no life beyond, fanfiction bones and grey's. FanFiction.Net PenName: solofia (is easy to spell and I'm lazy)
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New Girl Review: Gun It

I have really mixed feelings on this episode; i laughed out loud a couple times (and all of them were schimdt related) but overall it was a confusing episode. Adding Coach could have worked for one episode but having him there every week is not a good idea. While we usually have 4 roomates and split them in two different stories ocasionally throwing in Cece and giving someone else less screen time now there are 5 roomates plus Cece wich means they can have 3 stories per episode which makes it kind of hard to follow. I really don't want this show to go back to funny lines with something that resembles a plot going on the background. They need to decide want they want to do, they need a goal for this season and i doubt they have one figured out.
Let's see what they do next week

Grey's Anatomy Cast: New Season 9 Photos!

I though April hadn't passed the boards

Bones Season 8 Premiere: First Promo!

I hope she changes her hair back for the second episode

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So Sick of Derek the dirtbag. Hope he comes home to divorce papers!

Divorce papers?! Never! He still has one more season to go into remission, let's hope for him and ellen to leave in a happier note!

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True Blood Vs Twilight

what's the facination with vampires? The only thing related to that i can watch is reruns of Buffy the vampire slayer because i love both David and Alyson (if it wasn't for her as Lily  i would never watch this show...)

Twilight - Dorky and meaningless, i fell asleep within ten minutes...

True blood - Never watched but i have no intensions to do so because i'll never be able to watch anymore vampires for the rest of my life! Those childish brats i go to scholl with tramautized me for good (and it wasn't the 1st time, there's this famous national show here that i cannot watch because they did that to me when i was 5...)

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Season 9

If the show continues to season 9 without patrick and/or ellen would you still watch?

I think i'd try to but in the moment it became Calzona's anatomy or a copy of the 9th season of scrubs i'd quite without a blink...

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