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Dallas Review: Who Has Your Back?

Is it for sure that this episode was the last for J.R ? Or will he appear again in the next episode ? Lary Jagman was a wonderful wonderful actor, and I will really miss J.R.


1. I loved when Bailey talked to Owen "some of my punches land low" 2. It could have been tub in any case I'm really disappointed by the way Cahill is leaving the show, we still don't know exactly why she stopped being a surgeon and what was the problem with Richard. No closure, I hate it. 3. The Harpery Foundation was a brilliant idea but choosing Jackson as the boss is the worst ever. He can't handle that kind of things. 4. Richard Webber, he's been there the longest and invests everything he has in this hospital. 5. I actually think they'll be happy ! The doctors are way better than Pegasus, so why do you all think they are going to be mad ?!? It's the best that could have happened !


Courtney I think you're confused with episode 9x15... right here we discuss 9x16 !