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Once Upon a Time Review: Playing Cricket

am I the only one who finds Regina and Archie interesting together?

Grimm Review: G is for Grimm

I completely agree with kansasguest. the show needs a kickass female counter part of Nick- it'll be interesting to see their dynamic.
Juliette's character has gone frm boring to mind numbing fr me. she is stiff and has no chemistry, also she doesn't interest me- nothing abt her makes me sit up and be interested.
I also hate how monroe's charactr is being thrown under the bus to mke hank's character seem to be more part of the grimm side of nick's character. It startd out ok, seeing hank making sense of it, but now its just boring! nick and hank have no chemistry! I loved nick and monroe's bromance! hank puts me to sleep!
in my opinion Hank and juliette's characters are kinda dragging the show down fr me. Either gt them out of the picture or mke them mre interesting.

Grimm Review: One of Two Choices

I didn't like the episode that much. it had good moments, but I really am not happy with the disappearing of nick and monroe's bromance. I love them together they have great chemistry, and its always fun when monroe gives nick an insight to the wesen world. I don't have anything against hank, but I really miss monroe being part of the missions, and in this episode he was not part of the main story, jst comic relief. I want to see nick and monroe back, their dynamic is one of the best things abt the show, and hank-nick jst does not match up to them. it feels like the writers are trying to tell us that hank and nick are tight and it looks forced- like their scene in the trailer, while monroe and nick come across natural, and effortless- we see tht they are close, and are nt told abt it. that is enough of my rant.