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Mark would never leave his daughter. He had to die and while it would have been nice to see him and Lexie walk into afterlife together, it would have implied he gave up to be with Lexie than to fight to stay with his daughter. It was sad but I believe it was the only way.


While I thought it could be anyone, my money was on Lexie. It makes sense. First, she didn't have much of a story this season a la George in his last season. In fact, wasn't she absent the first few episodes? Secondly, she's popular but she's not an original so if you need to eliminate characters and shake the status quo then it had to be one of the 'new comers'. For drama, it needed to be someone that's been around for a long time and well liked. Finally, out of all the 'secondary characters', there wasn't a lot of mystery left. The sibling issue was resolved some time ago and tying Mark down would take away from his character. I liked Lexie but I'm looking forward to ebb and flow of next season.


While I didn't watch from the very beginning, I have enjoyed the last 5 years. The ending was bittersweet but very realistic. As friends and acquaintances, we are in each other's lives for a reason and a season but family is forever. Sometimes we're lucky enough to have life long friends but most drift apart and move on with their families and lives. They did it all and took care of each other in the process. I really can't see a reason for a reunion except if Susan remarries or Julie and Lynette's son marry one day. I'd rather just remember them as it ended than try a reunion that doesn't have the same feel. All and all, a fitting ending of a great show.

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Top 10 Grey's Anatomy Relationships :) (Relationships)

I don't know if I can come up with 10 and I"m not sure about the order but here it goes:


Mer/Christina (twisted sisters...best relationship)






Richard/Mer (Surrogate father/daughter)





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Teddy-Henry (Relationships)

Always liked Scott Foley (all the way back to the Felicity days) and I like this couple but I fear they will not have a happy end.  I feel a Denny like story coming....hope I'm wrong.  

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