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Great episode. The show is on fire now! I don't actually believe that Ward is Hydra. He looked very sad when Garrett was jabbering after he had killed the guards. Something else must be going on. They could have faked it so that he could infiltrate Hydra or maybe someone is threatening the people he cares about. I really don't want him to be a bad guy. He didn't look jubilant at all. I hope things get sorted out so that he can go back where he belongs.

Elementary Review: Regrettable Actions

Loved this episode. I almost died laughing at the amount of open doors in New York city. Sherlock's absolute lack of guilt and shame at lying so blatantly was hysterical. Joan was right. If he had bothered to concoct a better story, which, brilliant as he is, he could have done, the judge would have ruled for him. I understand detective Bell's anger at Sherlock. It's one thing to almost die for a decent guy, quite another to almost die for an a**hole like Sherlock Holmes. Sherlock does feel bad about what happened to Bell. I think that even though he is a bit of a sociopath, his personal code dictates that only the guilty should suffer. Having detective Bell almost die because of him must be chewing him up inside.

The Good Wife Review: The Good Husband

Great episode. Loved it! I think the reason that Kalinda betrayed Carey was because of Alicia. Neither Carey nor Alicia told her that Alicia was leaving as well. She thought it was just Carey and the fourth years. Kalinda realised that it was every man or woman for themselves. Besides, she had fulfilled the obligation she felt she owed Carey. She had to get back to working for the people paying her salary. I respect that.

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