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This is some fanFic I wrote about the Secret Circle. It is a completely new story I hope you like it. Comment if you like. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/9559488/1/3rd-Circle
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The Flash Round Table: Cisco Remembers!

Seems like I watched different show as I really didn't felt for Raylicity appearing. Really wasn't the place and time for it to happen. Eddie was fine this week. Really enjoyed his struggle while Iris was so annoying. But I better stop, don't want to see winter coming to the RT again.
Cisco having flashbacks? That was quite weird as he really didn't live through those moments. I hope there is a good explanation, cause for now there are just a plot device to make Cisco doubt Wells.
Brie was underwhelming, as she has a much bigger role in the comics. But not really surprised she got this type of poor focus looking at the treatment SS and Birds of prey got.
Favorite scene? The closing scene! We need the story to move one and no fillers.

Spindae 2o

Nice catch with Opal city as the possible location of the spinoff.
I found the episode better than that bunch from The Return to Public Enemy.
Lance being the enemy now, would be much more believable and enjoyable if he wasn't that big of an Arrow supporter earlier. Paul is killing the angry act but it just feels forced at the moment. Interested to see what they have in store for him till the season ends.

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Great RT! Nina certainly deserves it!
1. Reaction!
I woke up to the confirmation and I was completely stunned. Really didn't saw it coming.
2.Should Elena die?
My ideal scenario is that Kai traps her into a prison world and unknowingly Damon kills him killing Elena in the process as well. He just taking the cure and be happy would be sloppy writing.
3.Favorite Elena moment?
Elena moment I would say her and Stefan on that road trip before Klaus's hybrid breaking ritual. She and Stefan were so sweet together. It was a really captivating scene when they were watching that sundown.
Favorite Nina moment entering Mystic Falls as Katherine and chopping off John's fingers. Brilliant!
4. Trevino leaving?
I feel sad, he had so much potential with turning Hybrid but the writers really didn't knew how to exploit him. I hope he survives this.
5.Should TVD end after S07?
Who knows? We should just sit down and enjoy what is coming towards us. S06 raised the quality once again and maybe with some good moves they can pull the show back to some old glory.