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This is some fanFic I wrote about the Secret Circle. It is a completely new story I hope you like it. Comment if you like. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/9559488/1/3rd-Circle
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1. Fav scene!
The Emily Hanna face off! Just loved it. A really strong moment, game changing for my fav Liar Hanna.
2.Caleb and Rosewood!?
I mean at this point this is like pushing Stelena after season 5 of VD. It's irrelevant! Honestly no one Fing cares.
She has some dirty laundry but with the type of women she is that is probably a minor thing to the whole story. The Hastings are once more used as boring boring extensions of the story, pulling us away from the main story.
4.A wanting Ally in Rosewood!?
So the ultimate plan can start. I believe many of Ally's secrets will be revealed and it will get nasty(can't wait). Can't wait for Sasha's performance she is nailing the role of Ally. Can't believe she just turned 18.
From all the stories they choose to follow up this one. Facepalm! I mean honestly. Either way the truth will come out by midseason at least. Worried how Aria will take this along the way.

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Teen Wolf Review: Hunters and Hunted

I thought it was a really solid episode, I mean I get U Carissa The Nogitsune story was brilliant and the stakes were so high(with Dylan's career taking off, I thought he could leave the show), it's tough to reach out to that level, especially with Supernatural shows, proven by VD and others.
Comparing it to the begging of the season it has more edge and the stakes are a bit higher. I like how cooky Violet and Garrett and finally Scott raised to his Alpha level.
I'm sure Araya is there for Scott, she told him as soon as he bites an innocent she will take him down. So looking forward to it.
Seems like Kate will be back next week with her power buddies, should be interesting.
Lydia nailed it for me this week, I love how Holden plays that dispair and how she is just a few inches away from losing it but always finds a way to pull back.

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Seems like a really sweet guy. Even when he pounds and acts out he is really sweet. Glad to hear he shares more scenes with Emily, hoping they dig a bit deeper with him and gve him a bit of backstory just to make it nteresting.

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I mean besides Henry! The dilemma is big.

She true-loved kissed the Huntsman, who is gone for now but there is magic and time travel.

Chemistry definaetly excists with Captain Hook, charming but evil, and he has that I will do U nasty look in his eyes but with trusting issues.

Bae the one who stole her heart and destroyed it, Currently the right choice but a gonner and someone can take his place!

Regina is an option aswell by the way some viewers interpret their relationship. They feel the spark.

Or someone else like Peter Pan.

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