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@chair do not bring Gossip Girl into this. That is why i watch this show, to get away form that crap and it's fandom.
TVD is SO MUCH BETTER. though i am contradicting myself by adding a request. PLEASE DE FANS DO NOT TURN OUT LIKE CHUCK&BLAIR (GOSSIP GIRL) FANS AND THEIR BITCHING AND MOANING WHEN WE DONT GET A SCENE. that is what makes DE fun, you get so much then a little making you want more. I really liked the episode. I am HUGE DE fan, and i really like it. It was cute, fast, and suspensful. They actually should have added more to stefan&katherine but im still contnet. please no one else jumped when elijah got invited in? and ahh the elena/damon/jeremy scene was the cutest. I do wish there was more, but i'm fine with it. and Rose, i dont care if she is there. i am interested in the wolfbite thing though. also i cried during alot of tyler/caroline scenes:) but the promo for january was whatever. so i shall go hide in some bushes now, i no the hate will come -.-


what pissed me off is that each time they have a 'special' episode they forget some key points. like.... RACHEL AND PUCK ARE JEWISH. they wouldn't put THAT much effort into the glee clubs Christmas. the Noah Puckerman i know and love would be bragging about his Hanukkah instead. smh -.-

Glee Review: Drama, Drama, Drama!

so pretty much, during the episode i was yelling at the tv. and urging myself to hit the screen with the remote

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Reasons for the writers to sink with the Titanic

- They ruined Jenny. They really threw her under the bus to sell NS and then again to make CB angst.

- The prom episode WAS stupid. Nobody likes RL to begin with, but then to take half an episode of GG away to pitch an idea for an RL spinoff? Yeah, no. 

- Having Dan sleep with Georgina after she ruined his relationship with Serena in season 1 is such a huge fuck you to DS fans. 

- Again...wtf is the point of Scott!?



Also trying to make Dan and Georgina a couple was a pointless piece of BS.

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Gossip Girl Hookup List.

I wouldnt even be suprised if Vanessa slept with scott.


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Reasons for the writers to sink with the Titanic

Also adding: Overemphasizing CHAIR and turing GG in the Chuck&Blair show. Seriously, if they didnt do that we wouldn't have whinning little Chair fans bitching about the Chuck and Blair seperate/dating someone else. ESPECIALLY CHUCK.

I hate seeing:

"omggggg CB<3333 foreeevaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they belong 2gether they cant EVA seperate any1 dating chuck is GROSSSS"


See writers, look what you have done.


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