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Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest 360

Callie: Were you using my toothbrush?
Arizona: No, Callie I wasn't now let me sit here with my box in peace


Favorite Quote: Dean saying this is why he can't have nice things to Sam and after he couldn't catch the beer that was so funny also the clippers comment was hilarious also Charlie reading to her mom one last time made me cry
Sam staying home or not: Yes, Sam should have been saying at home he could barely stand and his visual perception was all messed up he couldn't even shoot properly. I was surprised that he could even drive.
Third Trial: I hope it doesn't incapacitate him, I hope that it will make him stronger or it will rid him of the demon blood
Charlie's Dream: I was glad that they choose to do an original video game, I loved how it was a Charlie and Dean tag team against the bad guys I love how Charlie and Dean's relationship is developing
Which hug: Both, I always love brother hugs, but I love how Charlie and Dean's relationship is developing

The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 157

What Damon? Elena killed somebody else must it be Thursday