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Leverage Review: Flying The Coop

It had some fun parts, but the plot was ridiculous. Nick "figuring out" that the composite sketch came from the in flight magazine was just plain stupid. I know the plots of Leverage are completely implausible, but is Nick supposed to now be clairvoyant? That really put a damper on this episode.

White Collar Review: National Treasures

On the bright side, I liked this episode much more than National Treasure, which bored me silly (plus Nicholas Cage as an action hero is just ridiculous). I thought the Mozzie back-story was eye-rolling. The smooth villain was an idiot----we're to believe he is sociopath who thinks nothing of murder, only to let his hostages run away so he can shoot harmlessly at them? White collar is usually better than this, but there have been some real stinkers this season.

Leverage Review: Missed The Landing

I agree with the review, muddy plot, lame payoff. However, the villain was better than the ridiculous cartoon villains we had in weeks past (Cary Elwes was way too over the top in that Spruce Goose episode---and that episode had an even lamer payoff). For all your criticisms, your star rating for this episode looks way too generous.

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