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I have got a McDog, all I need now is a McDreamy, McVet, and a Mclife, oh well Grey's yo have inhabited my life! x

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Steph w
Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest 278

Cristina: Is Zola having the dark and twisties?
Meredith: Yeah
Cristina (to Zola): Welcome to the club.

Steph w

I bet she will put Derek and Meredith through marriage counselling and seeing how they deal with that,just to get their relationship back on track. So that she knows that they are suitable parents, but also have the relationship with each other as man and wife.

Steph w
Owen-Derek Pic

I bet they are looking at Meredith and Cristina, Derek is shocked with Meredith holding Zola because he has no idea that she has her and Owen is stressed to see Cristina because she is bonding with Zola, which is frustrating to him because she is explicit on having an abortion.