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Seriously, NBC?!?

AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! NBC is run by a battalian of morons. They pit Community up against American Idol, then Big Bang Theory, then pair it up with terrible sitcoms such as Outsourced and Perfect Couples, and then they wonder why they are hemorrhaging viewers? They should have put it on before the Office when it first started or put it on Wednesday during the half hour before South Park comes on to catch those viewers before they change the channel. Oh wait, they were too busy f-ing up the Tonight Show disasterbacle with Conan and Leno to notice how the hell to develop shows. Michael Scott's gone, Seinfeld's not coming back, and Friends is dead. NBC has successfully lost their strongest night of programming.

Community Review: "Remedial Chaos Theory"

I love this show so damn much. Evil Troy and Evil Aaaabed!!!

South Park Review: "Ass Burgers"

So happy it's back. To be honest, the episode kinda hit home for me because I have a friend who is in that alcohol matrix and I feel like Kyle did whenever I see him nowadays. But I thought using the Matrix was a genious move, simply because parodies have worn that story angle so far down that it was the perfect vehicle for Stan to examine how crappy life is. Again, I've missed South Park so much and if this episode is any indication, I feel it's gonna be a strong run (Season 11 strong).

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