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Rufly is NOT boring. They're an amazing couple even though they fight for nothing or right now, because Serena and Will are making them.
I do agree that Danessa is completely BORING. I hate them./

Little JH

It's not Chuck and Nate's penthouse ! It's just Chuck's ! Even though everyone seems to be living in it --'
Anyway she's probably there to try and take back Nate AGAIN ..

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 101

Chuck : Nice dress, .. but i'm sure it would look even better .. off.
Jenny : Ugh, how do u go from zero to pervert in 60 seconds ?
Chcuk : I'm Chuck Bass.

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Empire of the Son (Season 4)

Out of the new episodes that have aired in 2011, this one has been my favorite so far. Loved Dair! <3

How can it be your favourite episode if it hasn't aired yet ?

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Did anyone notice in the promo..

Did anyone notice how the trailer said, "You can try and fight it, or accept it if you dare."

Where can I find the promo ?

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The Pretty Reckless cover Wonderwall (Music)

Taylor is amazing. I love her voice and this cover is pretty great, I still like the original better though ;)

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