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I find it boring... The original plot is so much better especially when it ended with so much drama (when Owen finally flared at Cristina). The only thing I enjoyed about this episode was when Alex mentioned to everyone about Cristina and Burke, Izzie and her patient, and George. I miss these people. Now, this whole What-if plot could be so much better if there's Burke, Izzie and George in it, but since its impossible then yeah, this whole episode is pointless... sigh.
I can't wait for next episode though, especially Owen saving Cristina from the crash!!

Grey's Anatomy Promo: All About Heart ...

OH WOW! What a trailer that was...
Owen saving Cristina...definitely heart-breaking but I know they will definitely work out now that they are communicating! Can't wait for that episode... And Mark and Lexie, finally its time for them to get together!!


On first look at Cristina's hair, it looks plain weird. But it grows on me and I thought that looks sassy! And it makes sense why Owen ends up w/ Callie 'cos both of them wants kids so badly so naturally they were paired up in this alt. world. I'm actually really looking to Merlex pairing! Man, could Alex get any hotter? :p

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Cristina and Owen!!! (Relationships)

wait a minute, who's that kane guy? Is he a new character or.... a cover-up for one of the doctors we all know???

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Forever friends of Burke & Cristina (Relationships)

i miss burke haha... i know its 10000x impossible but come to think of it wont it be good that burke at least attends george's funeral? they used to be buddy close... but of cos IW is not gonna return to the set... :(

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Best friendships (Relationships)

obviously besides mer/cristina amazing friendship, i also love george/izzie's friendship before they both got too involved with each other in s4. and not forgetting burke and george's weird but strong connection, lol. and also perhaps mark/callie...

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