Hey, I am from Germany (so, please excuse my english ;)) & 16 years old :) I love sports, especially badminton. I am very short, small & delicate but I am a very tough girl. well, that's it for the moment ;)   - I added A LOT of shows to 'Favorite tv shows'. I dont watch tv very often, but I enjoy watching it on the internet or buy the DVD's. So, I even added shows, that I barely watch , but like to watch from time to time.
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I hope barney will marry robin, but why should they get married? why should barney do that? I doubt he'll love a woman as much as he loves robin. So it has to be her. or maybe he suddenly decides not to marry & gets back together with robin. But I have heard that the atcor who portrays Kevin won't be till the end of the season, so why should it be them, taking 'some big steps'? Oh no, please noot another kevin robin story. I am so tried of this guy -,-

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Favorite couple??

Am I the only one, loving finn & quinn? :D


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This show is going downhill...

my friend from scotland is totally obsessed with this show, & I was watching some episodes of the first seaosn & it wa sokay, but not good enough. When I started watching again, it even felt worse than ever .. I can't see anything interesting about this show. It is more like a 08/15 soap opera..

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Team Delena or Stelena?

@Bored now yes, I am tired of that, too. I mean, what the hell they trying to do? It's a simple trick to make us watch it. But this show is AWESOME, AMAZING. so, could they please decide what tehy want? ;)

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