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The Mentalist Stunner: Who's Leaving?

I heard in the grapevine that they (VP & Rigs) are getting married and since there is an episode called Wedding in Red (or something to that effect) maybe there will be a death attached to these nuptials. Anyone confirm this.

Longmire Review: Not Playing with Fire

This hsow drags on too much, Longmire, a la John Wayne, quiet and even condescending to younger ones, a loner and troubled individual with family tension (where have I seen this before) is boring. This episode had to be turned off because of the scene with horses being killed in a fire, screaming for help, so I never saw the ending and will not watch it again. I have seen autopsiees but this was heart wrenching. I will not be watching again.


George, you are so wrong. Why would the audience not appreciate Cho dating a blonde hooker. He did the right thing though, it had to end, they were a bit too volatile together. This episode was a bit humdrum, not Ashley Gable's finest although it was her last. Santa Marta, the location of this ep was the same as in the first season where the other surfer (girl) was killed, which she also wrote. I love Rigsby, not so jittery and happy in his new role. VP is also becoming a person of her own. This was lighthearted and leading into the next 2 eps whicch are going to be grueling.

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