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I am a retired baby boomer. I have seen way too much television in my lifetime, and I am not overly impressed with a lot of what is being created today.  As it runs down,  time has more value to me.  I am less inclined to waste it on trash. If I consider a program to be trash, I will say so.  I don't really care what anyone's opinion of me is; I am too old for that fifth grade stuff, too.  I am not here to be liked. What I see as well done, I will watch, and discuss.  I don't intend to deliberately offend anyone, so assume that I am your grandmother, and take that into account.   Old people do not view the world from the same vantage point as the young. The picture is Doc Holliday.
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I was socially active in the 70's, and my then best friend was the head waitress at a bar in our (college) town. I was handled quite a lot by total strangers, and I was not the only one. And it was not just in that or any bar, and it was not in just that, or any, college town. I was handled by the director of the place where I worked. I was handled by strangers at fairs, in the crowd. It was quite, quite common. I do not miss it at all. Nor do I miss the 70's.


Unless one is a Neilson family, or polled in some other way, what difference does it make whether one watches them or not "so they can continue to come into our world ..."?

But I saw no television last night. I was not home. It was indeed a major holiday, and I was amazed that the networks would run new programming. That was stupid.

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I have not yet watched this episode. However, one thought which occurs to me about this missing information which they seemed to imply had been provided is that it is possible that the running time of the filmed scenes went over, and this information was deleted on the cutting room floor to make the episode fit in the time allotted. Many shows have this problem, and include deleted scenes in the yearly DVD's.

However, since it is Bones, it is more likely that it is just sloppiness on the part of the writers and show runner.