Sue ann

Sue Ann

I am a retired baby boomer. I have seen way too much television in my lifetime, and I am not overly impressed with a lot of what is being created today.  As it runs down,  time has more value to me.  I am less inclined to waste it on trash.

If I consider a program to be trash, I will say so.  I don't really care what anyone's opinion of me is; I am too old for that fifth grade stuff, too.  I am not here to be liked.

What I see as well done, I will watch, and discuss.  I don't intend to deliberately offend anyone, so assume that I am your grandmother, and take that into account.   Old people do not view the world from the same vantage point as the young.

The picture is Doc Holliday.

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Sue ann

I love the movie, and I regularly re-watch the movies 1-4, and the previous television series. I would LOVE to see Kevin revisit that series. I agree, it would need Burt Gummer. Kevin's character married the scientist, and Fred Ward's character looked like he'd be having a long-term relationship with HIS scientist/centerfold. Reba MacIntire's character left Burt Gummer, though.

Sue ann

Married, and living in Oklahoma. Kind of hard to date someone halfway across the country.

Sue ann

Do you mean Gina Torres?