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Breaking Bad Finale: Weigh In Now!

Beautifully done Vince, actors and crew. Truly one of the best shows to ever grace our television. The Emmy win was 100% deserved! Breaking Bad will be missed... We love the show ( and I have the tattoo to prove it ;) )and we will own the entire series on dvd when it comes out in November.

Breaking Bad Review: A Proper Goodbye

I have to say, "A truly awesome review... beautifully written!" I was very satisfied with the finale. This show did not need a 'big bang' finale. It was a perfect ending to one of the best shows on television (EVER). I look forward to seeing what the very talented Vince Gilligan has to show us next. As has been stated, this show as a whole will be talked about for years to come and future generations will know of Breaking Bad :)

Sons of Anarchy Review: Getting Schooled

loved it and the Opie patch! I still miss him :(