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If you want people to keep following, then Ziva and Tony still have to be on the brink of discovering each other... at least for a while. When the time comes we have seen Gibbs use his carpentry skills to make boats and even a coffin for beloved Mike Franks, but I'd like to see him finishing a baby cradle/bed as a hint of things to come.
Glad Ducky is coming back, as he has more to teach young Palmer, although, alas, I do not think Palmer's hottie wife will survive... anyone else notice that the only married person on the show is Vance ? There's a reason.
Abbey and McGee have always been interested, but the dynamic isn't there, comedy, yes, but not romantic interest - they're just good friends, and I'd like to see that come to a close by moving them into others lives with the love and support of a friend or family that they have become - hey... whatever happened to Abbey's brother ? I see him in need of Abbey's help, and that means the whole family will be on board to help, as well.
Sorry JLC - Loved you in True Lies, when you cared enough to color your hair, but sliding into years, you just don't have it in you to be the hottie you could be, if you wanted - Some P90X and some Hair Color, and the fan base would be a bit more supportive - I still can't believe Gibbs is putting up with Ryan's secretive crap, but hey, love does funny things, but I see him calling her on it. I liked her son's brief appearance - very likeable and useable on the show.