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The Mentalist Review: "Red Sky in the Morning"

The Mentalist is telling three stories, plus the one we think it's telling! The first hidden story is a family drama about Julius Caesar and his children. (Bruno Heller, the producer and writer, worked on the series Rome before making the Mentalist.) The second hidden story is about a secret group of enforcers, who police a segment of the population who are secretly descendants of the same bloodline as Caesar. (There's a new Matt Damon movie coming out about the exact same "Bureau" idea.) The third hidden story is about the dilemma faced by powerful insiders who know the tricks, lies, and behind-the-scenes details of mass manipulation, in their struggle to find the concrete rewards that come through love and trust and innocence and a belief in mystical forces. This is may not seem very hidden, but it refers not just to fake psychics but hugely important figures in history that people are generally aware of were con-artists, and the current batch running the world. Because of the research I've been doing for the past two years on Global Fraud, and because I happened to like watching the Mentalist before I realized it contained these three layers of hidden text, I've worked out the symbols and codes this show uses, and I will now predict what will happen in season three. If I'm right, it will be handy in proving my theories about Global Fraud are correct. I should disclose that I am also a novelist and screenwriter; before I knew about the history of Global Fraud, I could sometimes guess plot twists in shows, just from having experience as a writer. But I never foresaw an entire season of a show, and I was usually very surprised by twists, and emotionally affected by good writing. Also, I live in a small town in Canada, with zero connections to anyone connected with the Mentalist. Note: These predictions are based on the historical events the show has depicted so far, the names of the main characters and which historical figures they symbolize, the way the story has been set up so far, and the small amount of information that has been made public about season three. It was only after watching a rerun of the season 2 finale that I realized I had enough information to predict the events of the third season, and should do so before the season 3 premiere aired. These predictions may prove wrong however, if the following details are portrayed as happening only to the people involved in the crimes the C.B.I. investigates in season 3, rather than, as I am predicting, the events happening directly to the main characters. If I am wrong and none of the following happens to the investigators personally, it will happen metaphorically to the people they investigate, or in a carefully-timed combination of the two. Or I suppose it's possible that the writers could take it in some random direction, but it doesn't seem too likely after the two-years they've spent setting up a huge climax. Grace will become pregnant, and it will be implied she is pregnant by the new male character played by the actor Eric Winter, though it may be very subtly implied, hinted at, or joked about that Patrick Jane is the father of Grace's baby. (The theme of pregnancy could also be referred to in the context of his feelings for Christina, her becoming pregnant or discussing pregnancy, that she has grown children, or simply a victim on the show being pregnant.) Rigsby will feel conflicting feelings, both angry about Grace's pregnancy, yet feeling fiercely protective of her. (Rigsby may also have to battle accusations that he has gotten her pregnant, leading to him being fired or nearly fired, though this element of the historical story was already referred to in an episode in season 2.) There will be two lovers fleeing to safety from someone who has killed one person already, and is now trying to catch and kill them. They will try to seek help from someone wearing all black, a hood, plaid, or in some other way symbolizing Scotland or Druid/Celtic types. This person will refuse to get involved, yet when they beg, will help them in some way. The lovers, or someone else, may then travel by boat to a place of refuge. More tea cup symbols will appear, and possibly a reference to Paris or France or the French in general. As the timeline of a pregnancy continues through the season, there will be symbolism and names that refer to churches, saints, red hair, Leonardo Da Vinci or other things referenced in the Da Vinci Code, such as secret religious orders, heirs to a secret throne, Merovingians, etc.. Also codes, mysteries, people in disguise, people forced to commit crimes against their will, people hiding or revealing secret information, and blood symbolism will continue. A leader may be going insane with jealousy, being too demanding on his employees, being revealed as a religious fraud, manipulating politics behind the scenes, or being a tyrant claiming a connection to God. The references to incest, incest romances, near-incest romances, incest-like relationships, and babies produced through incest, will continue. Also a woman may have a mental breakdown or suffer memory loss, although this has already been done in season 2, but this time it may be in connection with her relationship with her brother or son. Also, in general, story lines will include seductive older women seducing younger men, usually while wearing the color red. Blond women will be either powerless, good breeders, or will be slandered in some way. There may be accusations of a powerful older man being gay, or of a man becoming the heir to a powerful man through adoption and/or by providing sexual favors. Near the end of the pregnancy, Red John will injure, attack, kill, or appear to kill Grace. Both she and the baby may die, the baby alone may live, or both she and the baby may live. Less likely is her losing the pregnancy, but this would refer to a general theme related to the story, so it's possible. Patrick Jane will grow increasingly upset that Christina keeps providing psychic information, but he will be unable to figure out if she is Red John herself, working for Red John, or if she is a genuine psychic who can help them catch Red John. He also may come under suspicion himself as Red John, causing him to realize what it feels like to figure things out honestly then be accused of being in on it. We will be led to feel VERY sorry for Patrick Jane through all of this. Patrick Jane will finally decide to trust Christina because it is the only way to catch Red John, even though he still has no solid proof either way and as many reasons to believe her as to suspect her. He will finally take a leap of faith and trust her, even though he realizes if he is wrong she will destroy him, the people around him, Grace's baby, law and order, etc. A fortune teller, psychic, prophet, or perhaps just Christina, will warn of danger coming that a person will not heed or believe. Or this may just be represented by Patrick Jane still not trusting her. Christina will provide important information leading to Rigsby and Patrick Jane getting revenge on Red John by killing him around the middle of March. There will be a sense of relief, and a young man will take over as leader in some way, though he will realize he has to share power with others to succeed. A large tomb may be involved. Patrick Jane will still not have proof that Christina had nothing to do with Red John, or that she is a genuine psychic, but he will decide to love her anyway and start believing in mystical things, and she will forgive him for being so suspicious. The group will all continue catching people guilty of crimes and enforcing the law. If Grace and her baby both live, they will stay connected to the group in some way. If Grace died but the baby lived, Patrick and Christina may adopt her, but this is only a guess as in the real situation the mother and baby survived for a year, at which time the mother had a second child, and both she and the second child were murdered. Well, it will be interesting to see what happens on the Mentalist. Anyone who wants to know more of the symbolism behind these predictions can read two articles about it I will post on my website, susanmaureenbrandt (dot) yolasite (dot) com .