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Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest 271

Mark: Okay I admit it I've slept with everybody in this place!!
Callie: (laughing) Yeah, he has!
Bailey: Err, you haven't slept with me...

Glee Review: "Funeral"

I haven't cried this much... in so long! I was beginning to think I'd turned into Sue! Gutted they bumped off Jean, she was Sue's heart, her true emotional and caring link. But maybe the Becky and Sue's relationship can move in that direction now, after all she does remind her of her sister.
Worried about Quinn's plans for NYC, can't help thinking she's going to throw a spanner in the works. I've seen a fair few season finales now and that just reaks of something not good to me! I was kind of hoping they would pick a lead vocalist though... only because Amber Riley's rendition of Try A Little Tenderness was outstanding! How can they show Jonathan Groff uttering "wow" and then have Jesse St Sucks saying she was lazy... know it's only a show but please, CONSISTENCY?!!
Oh, and this episode missed one thing... DARREN CRISS! ♥