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NCIS Review: Pardon for Parsons

I, too, was a bit disappointed in the show. But, as always, the performances shine. Loved the slap to the head/back Gibbs gave Parsons. Storyline was good. Ziva is not being killed off, so there's a way she can come back in the future. I think she just needed a break. At least, I hope so! And halbrown, don't be so negative! If you're that upset, quit watching. I, for one, will be watching- been doing it since episode one. And I will miss Ziva terribly!

Castle Review: Framing Big Foot

It was hilarious when Alexis became a 'smurf'. Cracked me up! BTW, at the end of the episode, when Beckett and Castle were in bed, was it just me that saw one shot of her with her jersey off her shoulder, on her shoulder and back off again? That in itself was funny. A great episode.

Justified Review: Not The Bad Guy

The reviewer is right on the money! How awesome was it that Raylan and Winona were defending their daughter together? She is his perfect match. This is one, if not, the best drama on TV now. Sons of Anarchy starts in Sept. I'm hoping they rein some of the characters in that show some. Walter Goggins, Tim Olyphant (sp) and the actress that plays Ava are Emmy worthy. Great ending to the season- can't wait for the next one!

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