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Rubicon Review: "No Honesty in Men"

I agree with Visconti. This episode was pretty far out. Didn't it occur to Will that that slut in the next building was working for them, whoever THEY are? And why hasn't Will bitch-slapped Kale? Really?And all this effort to determine how much Will knows of the Truth. If the truth is so awful, and acquiring this knowledge is such a risk to whomever, Will would have been 'offed' long ago. It's kind of hard to overlook such neglect of this common sense when the viewer has to absorb so much of whatever else is going on besides, which, in itself could be duplicitous. Thank God for the synopsis of these episodes, otherwise I wouldn't have a clue! And I don't get all this praise for this series! What do THEY know? Maybe I'm stupid. But it's TV right? And Visconti is right! I'm waiting for Miles to have a complete carried-out-from-the-building-in-a-strait-jacket-meltdown! He's the best thing in the series and it's a good thing to see this actor carrying on the family tradition.