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NCIS Review: Let The Good Times Roll

I love everyone in this NO cast. They need to lock them in now, to make sure they are available if it gets picked up. Which I sincerely hope it does. I think it will be awesome.

NCIS Review: Murder Swap Bingo

Yes,it is. It's the same as would be if you confessed to a priest,or told your doctor or psychiatrist. Morally wrong,IMO, but legal.

NCIS Review: Sleepless in the Bullpen

Marie wasn't kidnapped by the Mafia.Her co-worker at the bakery (not Victor's brother) took her because he loved her and wanted to keep her safe from the Mafia. That's why they didn't show her being rescued. It wasn't really a rescue. He just told them where she was. She was fine. And my understanding was that it was Victor's dad,Ivan, that was after Anton, not his brother.