GREYS ROCKS!! i can't even put it into words how much i love this show! :)

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Derek the Chief

ok this picture kills me... its right before he gets shot! but, he looks sexy scared!

Death and All His Friends

personaly, best season finale ever. best shows ever! i didn't think der was going to get shot! i dunno why. because that would have set something up big. but i was surprised how they tricked the shooter into thinking that der was dead... that confused me a little. it was a little confusing because you would think that he wouldn't believe it...


i havnt been on greys anatomy insider in a while... but last nights episode MADE me get back on! i was shaking during both of the episodes... and i even cried a few times! i was freaking out! i couldn't believe what was happening! when derek was in surgry and the shooter was in the room holding his fatal gun next to christinas neck, that made me bawl!
i knew owen was going to come back to christina! they are in love! theres no way that when they are in the same hospital that they can stay away from eachother. good bye teddy
oh my gosh! when cali and arizona kissed at the end of the 2nd episode, i was so happy! the show isn't complete without them being a couple! i hope they have kids together!
when der and the shooter were talking i think was the most suspenful time of both episodes!
absolutly amazing episodes! those episodes reminded me how much i love Grey's Anatomy!