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NCIS Round Table: "Shiva"

Last week and last night was the most exciting episode I have ever seen. There is something more to this. As I thought Eli David want to even with Gibbs because his daughter is living in the United States to out spite of her father. It seems obvious in that point. Ziva is an adult and want to have a life of her own without her father controlling her. Of course she loved her father in some ways. I often wondered if there is a spike of love interest between Ziva and Tony. Tony played by Michael Weatherby is a great actor and does have humorous in him. As I thought Gibbs could be in the love interest to Ziva but age difference would not fit the bill for this program. I would like to see Ziva get her revenge by getting Bodnar killed.
Been watching NCIS after JAG spinoff and had never miss single episode. Well done writers.


The character played by Jim Caviezel was interesting and Mr. Finch is something else. I really liked the show because it is different than any other shows. I would like to see more beefy stories that can be intrigue and interested to watch for the whole season. Would like to see more what happens in each episode as I mean not to bore but more exciting that can be worth to watch.