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Teen Wolf Review: Plan B, Be Lydia

What's the name of the actor who plays lydia's love interest the boy!!


Does anybody know if Jenny, Vanessa, and Eric will be back to be part of the series finale? I mean they had important story lines in the series, it would be nice to see them again. xoxo


I'm really going to miss the show, I tuned in every Sunday since it started! Now I don't know what am I going to watch.. I loved this episode, I was kinda of sad that the ladies didn't get together when they were older, I think i would've been an awesome thing to see them as old ladies. Now I'll start watching it since season 1 !!! =) Long Live Desperate Housewives.

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Jenny, Vanessa, Eric

Are Jenny, Vanessa, and Eric coming back for the series finale? I think they should they had important story lines throughout the series. I hope they bring Jenny back at least, she was awesome! 

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Georgina Sparks.... is GG? wth?

Who's RS ???!!

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Dan and Serena need to come back

I totally agree with you on this one! I like the chemistry they have together.. let Blair be with Chuck now. haha

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