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I hate writing these, so I shall make it easy on myself and do it in dot points.

-I bought GG for my little sister and when I gave it to her, my exact words were "Here is your stupid soapie show". She fell asleep watching it in my room, I watched an episode and here I am years later loving it more than she does.

-I have the biggest girl crush on Blake Lively, it is almost unhealthy.

-Love TV shows, but mostly sci-fi: Stargate, Roswell, Angel, Buffy, Farscape, Charmed, Glee, Scrubs, Grey's Anatomy, Firefly.

-Hobbies: Like to draw and paint (not a skilled painter, but I'm a fair at sketching), reading fanfiction, writing (Dan/Serena only atm), horse riding and I loooove my videogames.

-I do own my own horse, probably the most stable man in my life :p

-I have a job, go to uni, other boring, normal people stuff.


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Tanky girl
Gossip Girl Round Table: "Monstrous Ball"

DAN SERENA DAN SERENA WOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is all.

Tanky girl

The people who think she is a bad actress have clearly not seen much of her work. Blake is a great actress, Elvis & Anabelle, The Town, Private Lives of Pippa Lee, these roles are difficult and she nailed every one. She gets wicked reviews from critics as well.

Tanky girl

Serena and Nate makes the most sense.