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Arrow Review: All Coming Together

Stratch my theory... definitely the actress who played Sarah is BC.

Arrow Review: All Coming Together

okay... I have just started the episode but what if Black Canary is Shadow (the girl from the island) just with a wig and a mask. That is my theory right now!


and Stelena has a heart beat ladies and gentlemen!!!! Though I do think the show might pull a Stefan with Katherine and Damon gets "the girl" Elena stunt. Which would be stupid and a cop out. But I do repeat STELENA HAS A HEARTBEAT!!!!!!!!!!!

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Stelena Appreciation Thread

I just started watching the show over my christmas break and I have fallen in love with it!!!! When ever the previews came on in 2009 I thought it was going to be stupid and just following the footsteps of Twilight. Thank god it didnt!!! The actors are hotter, can act better and the story telling is A HELL OF A LOT MORE INTERESTING! 

Since the first episode I have been a Stelena fan! They have the romance and the chemistry but they also have a connection beyond that for me, something that the relationship of delena lacks! 

Im not going to lie and say I dont see the chemistry between Damon and Elena I just dont ever see them as an endgame couple. I always like Damon and Katherine's bickering at each other more than the longing stairs by Damon toward Elena.


Hopefully the show can get back to its BEST couple soon but I do enjoy a Stefan seeking revenge (torn!!)



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Season finale-promotial photos!! (Spoilers)

And also love Charlie's look here

aka SERENA's look from Hi, Society season 1

p.s. Sorry the actress who plays charlie is NO where as pretty as Blake!!

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Spoiler about Vanessa that biotch (Spoilers)

Um hello its ABOUT CHARLIE!!!! it says "Looks like this newly crowned insiders true colors are about to be revealed. You didnt think Jenny was the only social climber in the family did you?"

well Charlie is a newly-crowned socialite and she is in the family... it cant be anyone else. Also she is the only person that V has had interaction with last episode

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