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Actually I take back the last line, I think Dan n Blair should get together~ that'd be interesting...


yessss I can sooo see them get together! I think it's great they've taken Nate into their home...he needs to learn how to live a life of poverty as an Archibald. lol

But teenage parents... I think that is a little over the top... But N&J!!! n I like C n V... D and S shouldn't get back together, cos I rather L & R do...can't believe Lily still married Bart after having a night with Rufus... Blair though I love her, I think will end up alone like her mother~


I think this is great! I always thought they'd be good together since Jenny's whole thing with Blair, and since Nate is living at their place now, it's bound to happen!

I just wonder how Rufus would take it... will he kick them out or to keep his lil' girl support her through it all? Does he even like Nate? What will Dan think, best friend or sister comes first? I still want one big happy family of Rufus & Lily, J n Dan, Serena, Eric... n if Bart gets killed off, have Chuck and Vanessa together as well... haha Sorry, bit too Brady... but I like fairy tale endings~

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Jenny Humphrey in tears. (Spoilers)


Agnes - model somehow has something to do with it I think... She either loses her job or stops talking to Rufus and goes live with the Waldorfs... or the model friend dies?

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"Script" 2.14 (Spoilers)

so who the hell is justine? i.e. Blair 2.0?

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Gossip Girl DEATH (Spoilers)

Would they kill of Rufus or Dan?  Maybe Rufus can't handle lily being Mrs. Bass... or maybe it's Eric?  Jenny was pretty close with him... U see Eleanor n B comforting her in the pic... so it's got to do with them somehow 'cos I can't see them caring if it's her mum that they never met... Blair looks genuinely sad too... maybe its a funeral for the death of her ugly dresses... n she has to go back to school... haha

Vanessa, Nate & Jenny?? OMG how is this gonna pan out!?  SO instead of older women, Nate goes for underage now?  I used to want him to go out with Jenny... but somehow after Catherine that idea just seems gross... unfair for innocent little Jenny...  but maybe that does explain that whole image change with the over the top eyeliner we've seen her sport...

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