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at least he's not serving drinks at the grill anymore hahaa but who is? and the last scenes were so amazing.. the scene where everyone let's go of someone or something and the grave scene.. God i miss ALaric..


I loved this episode!!! It had everything that i love about this show,loved the scenes in the woods between Elena and Stefan,the scene in the bathroom between Damon and Elena...so hot and sexy...who else thought he totally wanted to take her clothes off and nail her. Hahaha... Also Caroline and Taylor..God this two,sexy adorable,sweet.. Loved Taylor and Caroline saving Elena from making a huge mistake and also i hate Connor..so terrible what's his probleml exactly ? I hope he doesn't stay too long.. he annoys me .. Damon.. ah damon so snarky and sarcastic ..awesome ! I loved how he was smart enough not to shake hands with Connor,how great was though that Elena called him for help and not Stefan? Bonnie was not annoying.. actually it was heartbreaking seeing her cry,loved the ending scene with everyone dealing with their grief and how good of an actress is Nina Dobrev? She makeme feel Elenas pain over the fact that she is a vampire nad everything is \so different Mat..at least he's not just serving drins at the Grill..but who's working there hahah And the grave scene..amazing..the music the speech by damon about losing someone you love and care about and seeing how much he actually misses his best buddy..and Matt davis.. this guy is so awesome,i don't thinsk i'll ever stop crying over the loss of Alaric.


i loved the episode..everything,the opener,the song in the end the mother almost being revealed...God such a great season premiere!!!!

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Damon and Elena "blood sharing" scene

It ws pretty hot..i loved it

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