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Jeremy can't really be dead but that would be good for Elena as a character it would change her.Why did Katherine want the cure she doesn't want to be humn and is Silas now awake,is he going to Mistic falls to be the big bad [like klas used to be] i mean look at him...he is so inlove with Caroline it's psthetic i'm sorry but i'll never accept them as a couple,I love her and Tyler so sad to see them say goodbye again they deserve to be happy together ..hope tyler would be back soon and Klaus should go to The originals and leave the gang alone . Elena and Damon...get together for real please!!!! We've been waiting for 4 seasons! You love eachother!!! it's pretty obvious

The Vampire Diaries Review: Hitting the Mark

I liked Eleba finally fighting for what she wants and for what she cares about most in the world-her brother,Stefan and Rebekah are cute together i hope they last as a couple and damon are elena get together already enough with the sire bond nonsense.

The Vampire Diaries Review: A Lump of Kol

I didn't really enjoy this episode.I usually love TVD but this one..kind of a bore for me first of all... the things i didn't like : The whole Kol compelling Damon to kill Jeromy and Claus being all...nice and whatever that was and i hated the way Stefan treated Elena. I get he is mad she slept with his brother but come on man... she loves him she had feelings for him when she was human and she has now and they're not going away..get over it it's not like you didn't break up. Oh and btw Elena is happy ..she smiles she is free she is awesome like that she said herself..she'll probably always love Stefan but right now..she is inlove with Damon it sucks that it's his brother hey it would've sucked anyway but Damon waited for a long time to be with Elena and this sire bond crab needs to go..Elena loves Damon she cares about him she has cared since the end of Season 1. Yeah back then it was Stefan and yeah she chose Stefan in the end of Season 3 (totally lame btw) but even though she chose Damon now and it was pretty normal considering how Stefan looked at her,like a broken doll that needed to be fixed ...he doesn't accept her the way she is now..he needs to be happy without her but without being a jerk about it. The other thing that seriously annoys me is Bonnie.. I am sorry i never liked her ..i never will she needs to go . And Shane..all his talk About Silas it's actually pretty interesting . And klas needs to go too..he became way too boring..he is not a villian anymore he is just a weird friend they all have ... i hope Caroline actually is in the next episode i missed her and Tyler . The things i liked : Stefan and Rebekah..they're so hot together and i think they can become a real couple they're cute and it's nice for Stefan to move on for real from Elena and be happy

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