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Army Wives Review: "Movement To Contact"

Tonights episode killed me when they didn't reveal who the death notice squad was coming to see.
I know they only go to the family's house (in real life) but this is a TV Show so it's hard to say. I heard through the grapevine that Lifetime is wanting to have a spin off show with Pamela's character. The actor that plays Chase is on "Brothers and Sisters" now. So, my best guess is that it is going to be Chase. And then Pamela's police partner will console her through it. As far as Emelin being there...I don't read too much into that because there are several reasons they could use for her being home. Lastly, as for Claudia Joy's new job - I don't like that story line. And I don't like Professor Chandler. Just my opinion... Come on week get over so we can find out who the flag goes too.