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Nice to see someone else from NZ here! Ha I"ve never seen any rich hot N.Yers either. If only (Ed would show up)!

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Another Review of Finale-CB, Georgina, "Irrelevant" (Spoilers)

hey im sure michelle trachenburg has been confirmed to become a regular on gossip girl next season (i read it on the web yesterday) so it def makes sense for georgina to room with blair (blairs reason for dreading fall) and its a dream for great tv!!

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IMDB 2x25 Synopsis (Spoilers)

Hey I'm sure Blairs roomie will be Georgina too... that is why Blair is dreading fall....Chair will be fine - the writers surely wouldn't disappoint us with that in the finale! Dan possibly might propose to Serena?? Of course Jenny will succeed Blair...hopefully make her a more entertaining character as my god she can be boring/annoying just like Vanessa. Vanessa seems to be a bit unneccessary really - if you took her out of the show would anyone really care/notice. Probably not. Serenate would be good...bring some spice into Nates character because for a good looking guy his character is pretty boring..and for some reason I like them together...never did really like Dan/Serena. I hope Season 3 will be full of CHAIR bliss as it has been totally painful this season watching them...I just about quit watching gossip girl after the elevator scene. My heartstrings can't handle any more will they/won't they.  Who else can't wait for the delicious Ed Westwick in the new adapation of Wuthering Heights! HOT!!

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