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I am so not on board with the whole EzrA thing, mostly because the witch in charge has dropped multiple hints in multiple interviews that that *could* be reversed during the course of the rest of 4B. So I choose not to get invested in that drama.
As for the diary, as stories start coming forward, I think, no make that hope, that the girls realize what a witch Ali really was, and once they save her, give her a piece of their minds and then dump her toxic behind! That would be the only satisfactory at this point.

Once Upon a Time Round Table: "Going Home"

1. Yes - I hated the Pan storyline, and while I like fairytale land, it needs to be balanced with the real world.
2. I guess, because Neil, Hook and Tink should have been able to stay too.
3. Rumple, I guess.
4. I have mixed emotions about that. I agree that Hook and Emma have more chemistry than Emma and Neil at this point, but I thought it sad that Hook tried "True Love's Kiss" to break the new curse and get Emma to remember because I don't think they're at that stage.
5. I'm sure he'll pop up in fairytale land. He built the curse so I'm sure he can survive it.
6. My favorite part was seeing Emma's "new" apartment and watching her and Henry live together.

Bones Review: Newlyweds

I liked the Nazi war criminal angle, but in terms of solving the murder, I thought it was pretty weak. I mean, we all knew the coroner was the murderer when she dropped the skull, right?