I'm OBSESSED with Vampire Diaries. Love the show with a passion. I sacrifice a lot of things in my day to watch the show at 8pm on Thursdays. I've never missed an episode unless I absolutely HAD to.
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Savoring Stelena: A Photo Tribute

Phone call in the birthday... Best scene ever. Makes me cry hysterically each time I see it...

The Vampire Diaries Review: Elena's First

Omg. The first hunter died in like 2 episodes. He was white. While Alaric took a while to die, he died. He was white. The fact that Connor was black has nothing to do with his death. He was a hunter. Clearly, hunters in this show are bound to die. If Connor was white, he'd still die because he has fulfilled his purpose. You're honestly some racist a$$ motherf**kers.


What does someone being black have to do with anything??!!!! OMG y'all are racist as hell. And for someone to say they don't like racist comments, then make one like wtf. Maybe they are diversifying the cast, or maybe not as many black people go out for roles. W.e the reasoning, there is one now. Yes he may be doomed, but not necessarily because he's black. Look how many doomed characters we've already had and they weren't black they just had to end somewhere. Y'all are disgusting.