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season 8? (Spoilers)

I listened to come of the podcasts of Shonda and Betsy. And they was talking like the show might go on for 15 yrs. OMG!!!! I'de love that. Although most of the cast just has contracts for 7 yrs and next year they will be the 7th.

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Other tv shows?

Grey's Anatomy my one and only favorite. But I do watch CSI and love reruns of Crossing Jordan. I like Private too. Just cause Kate is on it.

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Top Ten Grey's Anatomy Characters! (Relationships)

1. Callie

2, Bailey

3. Arizona

4. The Chief

5. Merridith

6. Derrick

7. Little Grey

8. Sloan

9. Christina

10. George/Izzy/ALex

1000. Owen- I don't like him at all. He needs to go back to Iraq. 

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