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I thought it was silly. Who's going to leave 3.2 million dollars to a twelve year old girl? I could see leaving her a portion of it, but all of that? That kind of money would make most adults go completely nuts. Besides, granted Dickie was disowned, but not the widow and children of Doyle, whom the writer's seem to have forgot about, and who Mags herself referred to as "the future". Despite all that silliness (yes I did think about it but decided the writers had enough sense not to go there)it was a great episode.

The pagan temple
Justified Review: What A Dick!

Maybe Quarles doesn't get killed, maybe instead his punishment is, he goes back to Square One, being somebody's little bitch. Hell, maybe Limehouse's. How much do we know about this guy anyway? As for Limehouse and Errol, I keep remembering that speech Limehouse gave Errol about the proper time for hog-killing. He seemed to be talking about Dickie Bennett, but in my opinion he was actually talking about Erroll himself. Erroll has been asking for it for some time, and when his time comes, I think its going to be a wonder to behold.