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Parenthood Review: Everything You Could Want

Pretty good finale. I can't deal with Sarah who is so random in what she does in her life. One second she is thinking of having a kid with Mark and the next she breaks up with him? He didn't do anything wrong other than get excited about their life together. Why can't they sell the luncheonette and see if Crosby and run it. Win win for everyone. I think Bob Simon was wrong for making Amber his assistant when he knew he had a romantic interest in her. It is wrong for someone with that level of power to us it for personal gain, especially with Amber being so young. I would like to see the show return. It is better than 95% of anything else on "free" tv.

Parenthood Review: Are You Kidding Me?

I think we are seeing the last of zoe and the baby. It was just not meant to be for Julia. Adam and Crosby need to seek the place. Even though it is crosby's dream, he couldn't have gotten into this without Adam so adam's opinion has to be equal. Sell the place and then let Crosby run it. Simple solution. Even though Christina may have over stepped her bounds, Bob Simon was way out of line taking advantage of Amber. He used his position to manipulate Amber into bed. The Sarah and Mark situation is so forced. Why is she thinking of moving to NY? Why would she leave her kids and family? Makes no sense to me.