Hello everyone,

my name is Laura and I'm a huge fan of The Vampire Diaries, especially of the Original family. :)

My favorite characters are Katherine, Elijah, Klaus, Caroline, Rebekah and Kol

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1. Alaric's goodbye & Klaus' speech to Esther
2. Caroline and Elena
4. Get the freaking hell out of the world of the living, Esther -.-
5. Stefan, always and forever


A both shocking an fascinating episode!
My favorite scenes were Alarci's goodbye in front of the grave and Klaus' speech to Esther. Both scenes gave me chills!
The ending was just shocking! Alaric is gone and now we have the evil, ultimate hunter! I'm dying to see the next two episodes!

Take Cover, Bonnie!

I love Bonnie's look in the promo stills. I wonder what she'll be up to. Something tells me we'll see a darker Bonnie in the future. I'd appreciate that :)