I totally love Gossip girl I watch it a lot so I know everything about it. GOSSIP GIRL ROCKS. I love LEIGHTON MEESTER. I'm so in love with Drake at the moment but my crushes changes like the weather lol.
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Rachel Bilson Raps, Rules!

Love it rachael damn man and some of her crew that were in the video seriously cool. She will never be a michka, she's herself and we love her. Why would we want a michka when we have bilson an actress rapping for us and we also hate ur critics. Mwah


I think that blair is gonna be in a coma that's where she is in her dress at her wedding running out. They better get everything together coz if its same old same old I'm neva watching this show again. Usually I would run 2 watch it now my not going out of my way 2 watch it. Chuck and blair if u think about it are so last year, louis is so boring and they killed the dair storyline. I don't think these writers know what they are doing. It seems 2 me that they are just beginning at writing. Coz killing 1 story 2 make another and not inter twining all stories is so amateur and then when they comment their heads are in the clouds. They should appoint me as a writer I'll show them a thing or 2. These characters used 2 be in college that was dropped like a sack of potatoes. Going 2 college had so much potential but they ruined it. These kids are in their early 20's not 35. So this will be my last time watching this show.

Glee Promo: "Prom Queen"

I so love jesse too but I think they gonna mess him up. And quinn I hate you. I'm so over them hurting rachael I mean no one likes her why is that. Is it becoz she is asertive I think she's wonderful. And they should stop making her the punching bag. Finn omg you are so last year I don't want him and R to rekindle anything he is just cramping her style. Sam your so my dude with ur troutie mouth. You need to hook up with R.

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