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The Vampire Diaries Clip: Sired?!?

I HOPE THIS SIRE BOND ISN'T TRUE! I mean it kind of ruins people to watch Damon and Elena together as a "normal" couple.. Please Julie Plec & co! Like @Madi said! Don't let us down!!!
PS: I'm no Stelena or Delena fan, just really tired of the love triangle.

The Vampire Diaries Review: Yes, Sire

I was so satisfied with the break up two weeks ago, not because I don't like Stefan and Elena together, more because it felt right at the time being and that Elena should experience her other options, but seriously? C'mon!! I love the hot vamp sex and all (thank you Julie!), but couldn't they just not do the vampire sire thing??? I mean, Elena always went to Damon before she even became a vampire. This is so bad. I was actually excited to see how the relationship between Damon and Elena would turn out, but Julie, you kind of ruined it with the sire bond..


I was so excited through the whole episode, but I got to say, that I started to cry like a baby through the whole break - up scene. I watched it over and over again.. I'm no Stelena OR Delena fan, I'm just loving the show, feeling with the characters, I was so sad. It was a beautiful scene, truly and they both nailed it. I just can't get over it.