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The Strain Review: Terror at Treblinka

I am loving the show and your reviews. Only minor gripe is usually the reviews keep the tv reviews "pure" but it seems each week you talk about both the book and the show. I think I like thehcolor the books provide but don't want things inadvertently spoiled. example - his mom.
better - people will understand re family. One flat out tells the future, the other says pay attention, this will be important! They used to have split reviews, I think for GoT, where the tv one focused only with the show, & a separate review and commentary talk about both the book and the show so we could explore that. Why not take up that format here? I think it could be exciting, and as a matter of fact those reviews are what got me to absolutely have to read books! Hope you'll consider it :)

Extant Review: Algorithm Danny 5

I have one observation that differs from your account. Sam looked like she had to gird herself for the conversation, hesitated about listening, and seemed upset when they left, but all with a guilty vibe, not just pure concern. If my family were threatened, my nonexistent poker face would be switched with Emmy - worthy performances, without a doubt. She probably thinks, after realizing how dangerous ISEA really is that letting Molly think she was going crazy was her best chance of survival. I love this show, but tend to forget about it bc I rarely watch CBS. But between DVR and on demand, I haven't missed a one. I hope we get to keep it!


That's a really, really good point. I think he could potentially forgive her, but it would be tough. But he still kind of knows that now anyhow, or at least will figure it out, soon. I was so hoping she would have been the new baddie. I really, really am tired of Regina not getting a break! But, then again, she has a lot of karma to make up for :(

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