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Terrie this review's only been up a few hours. Cut him some slack. :)


I had to die laughing at Father Abraham.
It's a rugby song that is admittedly one of my favorites, as it's one only the men's teams sing and they all end up pantsless by the end.

The Following Review: Moving Right Along

I really wanted to love this episode. I started off thinking "sure, I'll watch the Following so I can multitask and hubs can tell me if anything interesting happens" since it's been dragging so badly. I'm usually the one saying "come on, give them some slack!" as people bash on shows, especially this one with FBI missteps. But it's been tough. Then, at one mid-point I actually put down my phone to watch b/c it was getting interesting. Sorry I jinxed it, guys. 1 - I find it REALLY hard to believe that boyfriend would just TAKE the laptop. Seriously? There could be SO much evidence on there to save people's lives, but you're more worried about the hookup tape?
2 - why - WHY - the HELL didn't they tell the DA Shiela that "hey, the entire security detail is missing or dead, we might have a case of witness tampering here", which would have AT LEAST gotten a small EXTENSION on time. They were at the bleeping courthouse when they first heard, well within the hour. Really? REALLY?
(at this point I angrily picked up my phone just to play an online game out of spite) I would have rather stomached some crappy exposition rather than a plot hole that big. Had they made the deadline, the story might have issues going forward (but again, they're on the run, so whyyyyyy). They did make cover for others: Gina saying "when I see you tomorrow" explains why no backup at the docks. Fine. I get Mike leaving Max, even though it was stupid, stupid, stupid. It's in-character. Even Mark getting away (which was ANNOYING) KIND of makes sense. I was SO hopeful, come on guys, pull it together. I kind of like bringing Joe back. Good chance for redemption of the character. Like someone else had said, he got too weird after a while, when he used to be a captivating character. I generally like the idea I think of Strauss being the new baddie. Could be a good thread. AND it could have gone on with him as a FUGITIVE and filling the plot hole. Just saying.