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Stalker Season 1 Episode 3 Review: Manhunt

Trent the cop as her stalker? That seems way too far-fetched for me. She sees him on a regular basis, I don't think she'd go through the trouble of changing her name to avoid him then be on the same police force as him, not to mention I saw zero discomfort around him from her.


This was deliciously creepy!
Can't wait til next week. Most fun yet, and I even teared up when Ethel was at the doctor!


Awesome episode. I too hoped for more on the reunion, but as I consider it more, I think anything different than what we saw would have been inorganic to the traditionally non-demonstrative characters. Add the awkwardness and this was just right. For now!! Whoa on the Simmons extraction. Morse had me fooled except how did she infiltrate prior to SHIELD collapse? Her pointing that out in Simmons exposed her too in a way, no? Maybe it didn't matter since she was leaving soon. Amazing how well the actress changed from bit** hydra face to warm SHIELD face. Then I watched her in About a Boy and could barely recognize her. Great job :) SHIELD is getting GOOO-OOOOOOOOOD.

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